Services provided

Goldumm  Trade provides clients with the full package of services required for managing projects in construction areas such as Office, Commercial, Residential and Industrial Buildings, restoration of old buildings, etc

  • Choosing the designers;
  • Establish the project concept;
  • Value engineering
  • Coordinating the process of preparing and approving city building plans and plotting, such as PUG / PUZ / PUD
  • Coordinating the execution of external connections (electricity, water, sewage, gas, circulation)
  • Supervising and coordination the process of statutory planning and permitting – including the issuing of building permits – according to the new in force regulations.
  • Making the final reception
  • Obtaining avises
  • Registration of the apartments in the land book
  • Buget Planning (Ramdor*)
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Updating the budget and cash flow according to execution (Ramdor*);
  • Obtaining financing from the bank;

*Ramdor- Is a online solution for administrate projects budgets and contracts. All the data from Ramdor is secured and closed  so modifications of budget can be done only with additional contract approved by the project client.

  • Finishing the budget according to tender results.
  • Supervising execution according with the contract;
  • Approving the payment situation from the constructor;
  • Collaborate with the bank to approve the monthly payments situations
  • Coordination and support of the marketing and sales team;
  • Assuring profesionals site clerk and health&safety coordination services.
  • Preparing tender documentation;
  • Preparing technical part of the contracts;
  • Preparing the suitable finishings list for the projects – based on location, price target, etc;
  • Planning detailed schedule for project execution (Primavera, Microsoft Project) ;
  • Examining and comparing contractor bids (Ramdor*);
  • Participating in negotiations with bidding contractors;